New SoundCloud Promotion Service Promises Organic Traffic & Growth

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We’ve all come across SoundCloud promotion services online – they usually look scammy, and 99% of the time they’re just boosting up your SoundCloud stats with some shady software or ‘bot’ profiles. Some users think it makes your profile look better and more attractive to ‘real’ users – I say real users are getting smarter and can spot “fake followers” a mile away.


All SoundCloud musicians want more organic traffic – who doesn’t – but most simply don’t know how or where to get it.

SC SuperFans ( is a new SoundCloud promotion service that promises to be different from the rest. By distributing your music to their network of websites, blogs and social media pages, as well as utilizing the power of CPV advertising, they drive real, targeted users to your SoundCloud page.

It’s not expensive either – packages start at just $5.00, easily affordable for anyone serious about their music.

Check them out!